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The Tanawal Area:

Introduction to TANAWAL Area:

Tanawal is a beautiful valley surrounded by the mountains and natural beauty. The TANAWAL Area basically is famous because of the TANOLI's. Tanoli's are the people and residents of the TANAWAL Area.

The Tanawal area consists of two parts:

  • Upper TANAWAL

  • Lower TANAWAL


The main city (suburb) in the Upper TANAWAL Area is Lasan Nawab. It encompasses many other villages too.


Sherwan is the main suburb in the Lower TANAWAL Area. It is located approximately 37 km away from Abbottabad City. Other villages in the Lower TANAWAL Area are Pind Kargu Khan, Khutyala, Sandu Gali, Chakuli, Hal, Bheer, Pind Gali etc.

The Lower TANAWAL area also has the biggest mountain in the Area, Mountain of Balyaana (Kohaay Balyaana). From the peak of the mountain you can see everything all the way to Haripur and Saraay Saleh

Other than this the TANAWAL area also encompasses the beautiful area of Kaghan and Shimla Mountain. The mountains in Kaghan are a great place to visit during summer as the whether there is cooler and they have snow ..!!

A brief summary of Tanawal Area (Lower and Upper) along with the pictures will be added very soon.


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