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So what exactly is Tanoli ??             [complete history will be added soon!  ]

I Know, i know for you this is probably that 1 million dollar question and its answer even worth more than that. But what exactly is "TANOLI"? Well the word Tanoli really doesn't mean anything....     I know you are probably going, What??? But this is true. The word "TANOLI" is actually a LAST NAME and people with last name "TANOLI" are called TANOLI'S. 

Okay, now you are wondering how come you never heard of this last name before. Well, its a popular last name......but not that popular that everybody should know about it. And that's why i created this website so that people who don't know who Tanolis are, can know.

The people with last name TANOLI are all from the N .W .F .P (Northwest Frontier Province), P a k i s t a n and to be more specific from the region that includes mainly Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, and Kaghan or the so called "TANAWAL AREA". So, if somebody comes up to you and says that there last name is TANOLI, but they are not from the TANAWAL area, THAN my advice to you is: DON'T BELIVE THEM. They are not a true Tanoli are are lying to you :)

I know after every minute another question is popping in your head and you can't control your craving to learn more about Tanoli's. So you want know kind of people are TANOLI's?
Tanoli's are very nice people. They are very polite, caring, and respectful. Also Tanoli's care very much for their friends and friendship is something very important to them. Most of TANOLI'S are good host's and treat their guest's very respectfully. TANOLI's are very brave and determined people, and they just don't know when to give up :). If you ever need help with something just ask a Tanoli, and he/she will do their best to help you out :)

What now? ohh, another question. I know what you wana know now....  Yup, thats right i do. So how come i know so much about TANOLI's ?
But, before answering your question, i got a question for you. Don't worry its just a very simple question, you don't have to do any calculus or scientific calculations to answer it. Anyways here is my question: Which school or college did you go to?... Why? Because i think that after reading all this you should figure out on your own that I AM A TANOLI, MYSELF :). Yup i am a Tanoli, and like the rest of the Tanoli's i am proud of being one.

Anyways, i hope that you enjoyed my little introduction to TANOLI's. Please don't take anything offensively. If you are a TANOLI and have    stuff that will increase our TANOLI Societies respect, than please let me know. You can either Email me:     waqas@tanoli.us. Thank you.

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