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Introduction To Tanoli. NET

Information for this website is collected from many reliable sources. History is taken from the famous book about the history of Tanolis' i-e Tareekh-e-Tanolian, this book was written in 1975 A.D by Mr. Sayed Murad Alighari. The section the Tanoli Leaders is taken from The book Al-Afghan Tanoli written by Ghulam Nabi of Gandian. Hence every possible source is touched to give you the complete and accurate information about this one of the greatest casts of Dist. Mansehra [ Tanoli's ].
Tanoli. NET, the domain is donated by Mr. Imtiaz Shah, the owner of the "Setup site", the community education and development project. As this company has helped us getting Tanolis' online, I wish all you Tanolis' to come and donate anything you want. We do not mean just financial support, but also it can be in the form of Information and anything else. We hope that you will do something to let this site be forever over the internet.

Relation of Tanoli.NET and Apna Mansehra.Com:

 Apna Mansehra.Com and Tanoli. NET are the sister sites, one is about the District Mansehra (Apna Mansehra.Com) and other is about the Great Cast Residing Here The Tanolis'.

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